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As a therapist I offer Counselling, Analytic Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis, for English or French speakers.

The choice of approach is personal. We can discuss what might suit you best in initial consultations. It is also possible to choose to work deeper after a while, and explore further options if desired.

Any issues that are concerning or troubling you mentally can be raised. There are no limits or restrictions to what can be talked through in sessions. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to maintain a space of trust and safety, when sometimes difficult thoughts and feelings are plaguing the psyche.

Examples of the sort of issues that might be addressed are:

Grief or loss of a loved one or of an important aspect of your life
Depression, thoughts or feelings of hopelessness, isolation or apathy
Self harm
Suicidal thoughts
Anxiety ranging from mild, moderate to acute, including panic attacks
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Eating Disorders
Body image issues
Self esteem issues
Anger problems
Relationship problems
Parenting issues
Gender identity issue
Sexuality issues

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